The partner spotlight is a weekly series where we go behind the scenes with some of the companies that make VendorDB great.  Next up is STOPP!

Apoteket Hjärtat – Blowing in the wind – Modified Clear Channel’s Play screens in the subway. The mission was to capture the effect of the turbulence from the train and make it look like the models hair on the screen was caught by the breeze.

The Vitals


Locations: Los Angeles, New York, London & Stockholm

Year Founded: 1992

Specialties: We create compelling brand experiences. We’re a collective of artists, writers, designers, filmmakers, producers, technologists, developers and engineers with a passion for telling innovative stories in a multitude of mediums.

Why LA?

We opened our first U.S office in LA in 2008. Los Angeles has always been the mecca for film, but not so much for interactive/digital. We saw an opportunity to blend these two disciplines for the US market. Also, the competition was very low at the time when we launched. Today I think there are 4 of us Swedish shops all in Venice… We Swedes don’t get much sun, so to live and work blocks from the beach seems to make a lot of sense. We’ve since expanded to New York and London as many of our clients are based there.

What was the most technically challenging work you’ve created?

Technically challenging work is what we are passionate about, it’s the core of our business. One project that is up there is the ‘Hello, Again’ project with Beck and Chris Milk. We were fortunate to work on something that’s never been done before. Pushing the boundaries in technology and storytelling is what gets us really excited.

What is the smartest work you’ve seen in the past year that didn’t come from your shop?

Just a Reflektor by Vincent Morisset and Aaron Koblin.

What emerging tech trend will have the biggest impact on your business?

Virtual Reality.

What is the best thing about working at STOPP?

Working on some of the most creative and technically challenging projects in the world and shaping how technology is used in storytelling and entertainment.

 Where is the best bar in LA?

Our refrigerator.

Any wild company party stories?

On a night out with clients, our CEO (Fredrik) and Creative Director (Zach) got into a fight with some fellow Swedes at a nightclub in Hollywood. Fredrik was escorted out of the club by four bouncers; one on each limb. The next day, everyone realized that we knew each other (Sweden is a small place) and we all hugged and made up.

Care to share a joke?

My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana, but I said “No… but I want a regular banana later, so yeah.” – Mitch Hedberg r.i.p.


Hello again is an audio visual experiment that Stopp created with Chris Milk that re-imagines how a live performance can be experienced. We were part of the team that helped invent new technologies like 360-binaural audio recording, 360 video and facial tracking. The Experience has since been ported to the Oculus Rift, in-turn becoming the world’s first live-action virtual reality film. It premiered at Sundance and has since been shown at Tribeca Film Festival and SXSW.

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