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Roam Creative


The Vitals

Name: Roam Creative
Location: Auckland, New Zealand.
Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Mobile strategy, UI/UX, App development, iBeacons, BLE connected device

What inspired you to start your company?

Seeing the massive adoption of mobile and recognizing it as one of those paradigms shifts like the introduction of the Internet was, but faster, and realising that it’s a great chance to build a business.

How did the partners meet?

We were both running smaller mobile development businesses and recognised complementary skills in each other and realised we could do greater things together than we could apart.

Why Auckland?

Both founders had recently returned from time in the US/UK and Auckland is a great place to balance raising a family with raising a business.


What was the first job someone hired you for?

Fixing fax machines and cordless phones. Learnt an awful lot about hardware which years later has been immensely helpful with our iBeacon work.

What was the most technically challenging work you’ve created?

Our Dropin iBeacon service as it combines mobile payments, hardware development, supply chain, UI/UX, mobile app development and backend highly scalable web services.

Which project is your most underrated?

Zoomy, which was built to be like Uber before Uber arrived in NZ. A great piece of work that accomplished a strong product offering in under 6 months that competes with an industry giant.


How has the business changed since you started?

Clients are realising that they need to ‘go native’ on mobile app development and that HTML and other cross platform layers (except Unity) are a bit of a red herring unless you’re doing basic work.

What emerging tech trend will have the biggest impact on your business?

Internet of things and wearables are going to create new ways of interacting for people that will become “invisible.”

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Balancing and scheduling all the little jobs and the big jobs so everyone gets a fantastic result.

What advice do you have for agency producers or creatives?

Mobile is a different medium from the web and print. It requires a different approach, different budgets and different timeframes.

What do you make of the trend where brands are skipping their agency of record to work directly with production partners?

It’s going to continue to increase.

What is the best thing about working at Roam Creative?

A great mix of talent that tend to check ego’s at the door. Everyones willing to lend a hand and provide advice to newbies.

Where is the best bar in Auckland?

We’re surrounded by them!

Any wild company party stories?

Not that we can share, for legal reasons.

What does the future look like for Roam Creative?



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