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On the set of 'Bullyproof'

 The Vitals

Name: Pre-Future

Location: San Francisco

Year Founded: 2011

Specialties: Digital storytellers for the modern adventurer.

What inspired you to start your company?

Pre-Future was formed initially as a collective of media creationists who saw how the media production model was changing from expensive large scale singular focused companies into the more “all in one” model.

What was the first job someone hired you for?

Yahoo hired us to create a film for their Cannes presentation. It was a great project on two street artists painting on enormous yahoo exclamation marks.

Which work or brand are you best known for?

The film that gets the most attention is actually one we made just for us ‘Summer In San Francisco‘. I used to own a 1964 Falcon but through a series of life events I had to sell the old girl. On the last day I was to own her, we loaded up with cameras and spent the afternoon driving around San Francisco. The result is a really beautiful ‘slice of life’ film.

Which project is your most underrated?

I am not sure if it’s underrated but the project I am most proud of is a mini-doc we did ‘Sams Day‘.  It was an incredible experience that forever changed us all.

What is the smartest work you’ve seen in the past year that didn’t come from your shop?

Hands down it has to be the projection mapping piece from Bot and Dolly. It’s unbelievably great.

How has the business changed since you started?

Big shops are dying so rapidly yet there is more demand for video then ever before.

What emerging tech trend will have the biggest impact on your business?

If you can’t multitask these days, you won’t survive. As an editor I am now expected to know an enormous amount of software.

What advice do you have for agency producers or creatives?

Let people do the job you have hired them for. Don’t micro-manage and mostly, don’t expect people to work for free just for the honor of working with you.

What is the best thing about working at Pre-Future?

The team. I am lucky to be amongst people who are as passionate about what they do as the day they started. We all love what we do for a living and couldn’t do anything else.

Care to share a joke?

Q:  Why does Snoop Dogg always carry an umbrella?

Pre-Future’s mascot Laney

Pre-Future’s mascot Laney

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