The partner spotlight is a weekly series where we go behind the scenes with some of the companies that make VendorDB great. Next up is Nancy Jacobs!

Nancy Jacobs

The Vitals

Name: Nancy Jacobs
Locations: New York City
Specialties: matchmaker extraordinaire

What inspired you to start your company?

I started my company right out of college. I was fired from every job I ever had and I figured it was a sink or swim situation.

Why New York City?

My first office was on Madison Ave. I was born in the Bronx raised in Queens, and got married had my kids in NYC where else would I be?

What are you best known for?

I was the ” Queen Of Animation” for years , then I moved heavily into digital. Now I am technique and platform Agnostic.

Who do you most like working with?

Over the past year I have put together the teams who created  campaigns for Avis, Pepsi,  Cadillac, Iskream, Vital choice, Windowsworld, , Zappos, Bare Necessities as well as the  live event projection in Herald Square for JC Penny Christmas, and a TV show that will air later this year.

How has the business changed since you started?

The business has changed in so many ways. Even the most obvious things like what communications modality is most effective in sales. But what has not changed is the need for those that work in the business to understand that above all we are a service business.  To be a creative and be of service is a vulnerable place to live and work. 

Nancy Jacobs

What do you make of the trend where brands are skipping their agency of record to work directly with production partners?

In the past year about half my business is client direct that is a huge shift for me and my clients. 

What does the future look like for you?

I would like my company to evolve to tell more stories that help heal, and inspire a nervous world. 

Any new shop we should know about on VendorDB?  

If I would like to introduce you to anyone its the pack of dogs 300 pounds of them that share my space and life.

The Dogs

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