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Interview with the Actress Amanda Peet

The Vitals:

Name: Electric Yolk Media
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Year Founded: 2013
Specialties: Nonfiction film content for both broadcast and digital distribution

What inspired you to start your company?

I began my career at NBC’s Today Show interviewing a wide range of characters from A-list celebrities to U.S. Presidents. My favorite stories to work on, however, were always about everyday Americans doing extraordinary things. A few years ago, I noticed that with the explosion of digital content came an increased demand for nonfiction narratives. This is particularly important for brands. People want to hear a company’s real story. They want to feel inspired. They want to authentically relate and share content. I started Electric Yolk Media with the idea of combining journalistic integrity with filmmaking artistry to bring branded nonfiction stories to life. This is what we do best.

Who is your most interesting staff member?

Electric Yolk Media works in collaboration with a network of incredibly talented creatives. One of our favorites is Director of Photography Joe Friedman. Joe has an uncanny ability to blend into any situation and quietly capture beautiful spontaneous moments. When you are telling nonfiction stories, as we are, this is a critical skill. He also happens to be a really nice guy and makes a serious apple pie.

What is the smartest work you’ve seen in the past year that didn’t come from your shop?

The “Endangered Song” project, released earlier this year by DDB New York, is fantastic. The band Portugal. The Man teamed up with Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute in an effort to save the Sumatran tiger. There are less than 400 of these incredible animals left in the wild and Portugal. The Man released just 400 copies of the “Endangered Song” on records that will purposely disintegrate over time. The song, like the tigers, will soon become extinct unless supporters intervene. They sent the records to key influencers in a variety of fields in an effort to raise awareness and money. It’s such a clever idea and superbly executed.

How has the business changed since you started?

Film was once the domain of a few select outlets. This is no longer true. I see the industry in a bit of a Wild West period. There is a lot of content being created, but it takes a skilled storyteller to make it standout and have impact.

Where is the best bar in company location?

Electric Yolk Media is headquartered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Picking the “best” bar in this neighborhood is bound to start turf wars, but one of my regular haunts is Hotel Delmano on Berry and North 9th. Their “Smoke & Flowers” cocktail is just right.

Care to share a joke?

If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I would like to hear it again.” ~ Groucho Marx

Amanda Kinsey

Amanda Kinsey, Founder & Principal of Electric Yolk Media, photo credit: David Noles Photography

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