The partner spotlight is a weekly series where we go behind the scenes with some of the companies that make VendorDB great. Next up is Digitaland

The Vitals

Name: Digitaland
Location: Miami
Year Founded: 2010
Specialties: Turning digital display advertising ideas into launch-ready realities.

  • HTML5 standard banners
  • Rich media ads
  • HTML responsive emails
  • Game ads and 360 ads
  • Dynamic banners and campaigns
  • Interactive landing pages and microsites
  • Healthcare and pharma digital ads
  • Micro videos

What inspired you to start your company?

Adtech platforms were a game changer for the digital advertising industry. But when they first came on the scene, brands and agencies didn’t have the technical know-how to fully leverage the technology. That caused delays in launching ad campaigns. Which is a bad thing in an industry where launching fast and often is the key to success. We saw the potential to create these awesome brand stories. The technology, creative and data were all there. Brands and agencies just needed a production partner that could turn their ideas into reality. And that’s where we fit in.

Why Miami?

Miami is the unofficial capital of Latin America. And our first clients were Miami-based agencies that worked with clients in Latin America. So, it made sense to set up shop here. But, then we realized Miami enabled us to serve a broader market. Most digital production agencies are based in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The competition is intense and the rents are high. Those costs get passed along to clients. Miami is still flying under the radar and that enables us to provide top-quality services at competitive rates.

What was the most technically challenging work you’ve created?

When cross-screen experiences first became a thing, we built a high impact ad that connected users’ phones to their desktop. They could control the desktop banner from their phone. At the time (this was a few years ago), building that ad required every ounce of technical know-how we had. Now we’re building 360 experiences, game ads, interactive landing pages and more for our clients. But, we still remember that first high impact ad!

How has the business changed since you started?

Flash was king of the digital display advertising world when we started Digitaland. Now, with a few exceptions, the baton has passed to HTML5. The upside: HTML5 is more secure, has cross-screen capabilities and it lets brands tell better stories with more interesting (and interactive) ads. The downside: HTML5 is resource-intensive. Most brands and agencies don’t have the in-house capabilities to build out their ads, which is why a good digital production partner is crucial to building a successful, sustainable campaign strategy.

What emerging tech trend will have the biggest impact on your business?

We hear it all the time (and you probably do, too):
“Advertising is dead.”
“Audiences are banner blind.”
“Creative doesn’t really matter. It’s all about targeting.”

But the pundits are wrong. Advertising is very much alive.
Consumers are just tired of low-quality, irrelevant and intrusive ads. That’s why we think a return to craft and high-quality creative will be the next ‘big’ thing in digital display advertising. Brand strategy that treats consumers as partners instead of data points will drive the next great wave of ads.


What do you make of the trend where brands are skipping their agency of record to work directly with production partners?

Brands are realizing their biggest asset – the thing that helps them stand out in a sea of competitors – is their voice. That can get lost as it passes through layers of approvals and bureaucracy within brands and their agencies. Working directly with production partners gives brands more creative control, conserves budget, reduces red tape and enables brands to rapidly test ideas. We think the real question is, why didn’t this trend happen sooner?

What is the best thing about working at Digitaland?

It may be cliché, but it’s the truth: our team feels like family. And that’s no accident.
We’ve worked hard to build a team of A players. Every new hire is schooled on the crucial role we play in helping our clients launch on-time, on-budget campaigns. We practice what we preach, so there’s accountability built into every facet of the production process. The pay-off is a tight-knit team of top-performers who know they can depend on their team members to deliver on every project, every time.

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