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The Vitals:

Name: Break Content
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Year Founded: 2014
Specialties: We’re a content marketing studio that helps brands and agencies successfully engage Millennials through strategic market research and storytelling.

What inspired you to start the company?

Long gone are the days where brands can create a few big TV campaigns per year a still maintain the support of their Millennial consumers. Brands must now be interacting with their followers on a daily basis and creating content that adds real value to their lives. In order to accomplish this, an entirely new approach to content creation was needed. An approach that gives brands and agencies much easier access to talented content creators around the world. And so Break Content was born. A Content Marketing Studio with a completely new research and production model that allows us to create exciting and engaging content anywhere in the world. By partnering with the best local Millennial content creators around the world, we are able to produce top notch content much more cost and time efficiently than anyone else in the industry.

Break Content

Why Brooklyn?

We love Brooklyn. Not only do we work here, but most of us live here as well. The overall vibe in Brooklyn is extremely creative and talented and we like to surround ourselves with other brands and companies that have similar visions. While we definitely expect to open up small satellite offices around the world to meet our clients global demands, we will always stay headquartered in Brooklyn.

What’s the smartest work you’ve seen come out this year that didn’t come from your shop?

Timberland’s Life Swaps campaign. You can see more in our blog posting on the subject.

How has the business changed since you started?

When I first started, it was all about brands creating a couple huge TV campaigns, print ads, and then some digital banners that were essentially just matching luggage to the TV/Print creative. Now everything is completely different, and I feel this is largely due to the rise of the Millennial generation. In order to truly reach Millennials, your content needs to be authentic, it can’t feel like an ad, it needs to be exciting and it needs to add actual value to consumer’s lives. The old production model that was created to fulfill brand’s large-scale TV needs has now become irrelevant, causing brands to look elsewhere for their content needs.

What is the best bar in Brooklyn?

Definitely Berry Park rooftop in Williamsburg. You can often find the Break Content team there for a Friday night Happy Hour.

What does the future look like for Break Content?

We hope to continue creating content that we can be proud of and that Millennials love. We also want to continue finding more and more innovative brands and agencies to creative this amazing content with.

Brookltn Headquarters

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