The partner spotlight is a weekly series where we go behind the scenes with some of the companies that make VendorDB great.  Next up is 14Four!


A Million Ways to Die


The Vitals

Name: 14Four
Location: Spokane
Year Founded: 2007
Specialties:  We’re a boutique digital shop rocking the sweet spot of creative technology and amazing problem-solving, we specialize in solutions. We love robust digital campaigns, banners, mobile development, interactive installations, and all manner of digital wizardry.

What inspired you to start your company?

We saw a real need among agencies who were still trying to understand digital. We knew we could step in and help them, not just with production, but as a collaborative technology partner.

Why Spokane?

Let’s hear it for Spokane! We grew up here, and in our humble opinion, it’s the undiscovered gem of the NW. Just good, clean, easy living.

Which work or brand are you best known for?

We’re lucky to have done such broad range from banners to mobile apps and installations, but our work with a stone skipping robotPepsi Halftime show or Birding the Net might be among our most popular creations.


Birding the Net was pretty epic. How was it received?

The response to BTN was unreal and really tapped into the birding community – some of who may have even taken it a little too seriously. One lady even Tweeted us to to not release any birds for five minutes – so she could go to the bathroom. We had to make the clues harder as participation grew, as a community, people are so much smarter. Not only did it blow the social media metrics out the water, it made a real difference in spiking the Audubon’s donations by more than 52% – pretty cool to have that kind of bottom line impact for such a great cause.

What advice do you have for agency producers or creatives?

I think the biggest thing is to loop in the development team right from the start. The sooner we can provide input with the creative team, the better the product.

What is the best thing about working at 14Four?

A lot of shops would say this, but our culture really is awesome. Everyone’s supportive and collaborative, and the whole team just loves playing outside. Each new employee gets a new pair of Nike and Nike+ for running, and pretty much every lunch hour you can find most of the shop out putting in some miles on the nearby trails.

How competitive are the company runs?

Our team runs at lunch typically are pretty fun; everyone just enjoys breaking away from the computer screens for a bit and getting outside. From time to time, though, a few of the guys will put the hammer down and just destroy the newbies. Mike Kelsey, Eric Lewis and Jeff Oswalt can pretty easily leave most anyone in the dust if they want to. Fastest mile, not 100% sure who owns the title but we do have a handful of sub 5 minute milers.

Where is the best bar in Spokane?

Best drinks in town are at the Bon Bon. It’s inside an old movie theater, and their cocktails are just fantastic.

Any wild company party stories?

The 14Four team likes to go big, and while we won’t name names, it’s pretty rare for one of our summer or holiday parties to go without broken nosefisticuffskicked out of the barlost security deposit deep appreciation for our region’s amazing wine and microbrew culture.




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