Spring has finally arrived here in New York City and with it we’re pleased to announce a bunch of improvements we’ve been making over the winter months.

Worked With

Now, by popular demand, you can endorse someone with just a single click!

The latest endorsements feature prominently on the homepage…

…and all Worked With endorsements appear on the right side of every profile page, offering a convenient snapshot of everyone who has loved working with that company / freelancer (yup, you read that right… more on freelancers later this summer).

Profile Enhancements

We’ve also received a bit of feedback requesting additional data fields for profiles.

The first improvement we’ve made is the addition of Honors & Awards. Use this to list every recognition for your work (and we know some of you have been recognized A LOT).

We’ve also added support for more social pages including Tumblr, IMDB and Behance.

Look for further improvements to profile pages in the next couple months.


Building on top of the profile metrics feature we launched back in December, we’ve now added profile interactions to the available metrics for all profiles.

Profile interactions allow you to see how many times users have clicked any of the links (website, email, social, etc.) on your profile.

Our mission is to connect people with the best service providers in the world. With the addition of interaction metrics, you can now better connect your VendorDB profile visits to that last RFP.

User Profiles

We’ve also improved the profile page for all users.

Beyond updating your personal information, you can now view everyone you’ve endorsed…

…and manage any reviews that you’ve left. All in one convenient location.

We can’t thank everyone enough for the support and feedback we’ve received since the launch of VendorDB.

We’ve got a ton of great stuff in the pipeline for this summer so keep an eye out for new announcements.

And don’t forget, if you’re interested in being added to VendorDB, submit your URL here.

Chris, Dan & the VendorDB Team