Want to know if your profile page is worth the $0.00 you’re spending on it?

Just like Facebook, LinkedIn and the other big platforms, we believe that you should see exactly how you benefit from maintaining a profile on VendorDB. And to us, that doesn’t mean vague statistics such as how many visitors the site sees overall or how many countries users come from. What’s truly valuable to your business is the activity on your company’s profile.

So today we’re rolling out profile metrics to all page managers.

Profile metrics offer a snapshot of your profile’s activity. We’re launching with insights into daily page traffic over the previous 90 days as well as recent visitors (locations and companies), and we’ll be adding additional data such as page interactions in the comings months.

For those wondering about the tech side of things, we’ve built this using a combination of Google Analytics data and our own proprietary tracking built on the Keen IO API. You can read more on how to make use of the Google Analytic’s API using Python over on Chris’ blog.

So if you haven’t already claimed your profile, do so today, there’s really no reason not to (it is FREE after all).